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SLEWTHS Archival History

SLEWTHS Archival History

ATR once owned a world-class teaching aquarium and a long-term care facility affiliated with the California State University system at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories.  The projects operated at MLML were called SLEWTHS for Science, Learning and Exploration with the Help of Sea lions although over the years numerous species including dogs, horses, birds and seals were a part of the program. Our main animals were always rescued and un-releasable sea lions. In 2023, the animal care center at MLML was closed permanently. To take a virtual video tour with animal demonstrations, click here:

ATR Animal Care Center Tour, Part 1

ATR Animal Care Center Tour, Part 2

What follows is an archival history of programs, staff and animals associated with the nearly 30 year SLEWTHS legacy.  ATR continues to function in a more limited basis without an animal care center.  Please contact if you have a question regarding any of our previous programs.  These SLEWTHS program links are largely for historical record and the use of those whose lives were touched by this magical place.

SLEWTHS together with ATR functioned as a "teaching aquarium" covering all aspects of the marine mammal industry: public display, research, elaborate veterinary care, and education at all levels. People came to us from all over the world to master the behavioral science behind the art of animal training.

ATR training leads to career advancement. Our students hold senior positions at zoos, aquariums and animal parks around the world.  ATR has been directly responsible for the career development of hundreds of top-level domestic and exotic animal professionals across a broad industry.

Historically, located in Monterey, California, the now-closed ATR International center was a facility designed with learning in mind. From online courses, to week-long summer classes, internships, research, public shows and educational programs, ATR covered all facets of working with animals. Established by Dr. Jenifer Zeligs, who has over 30 years’ experience training dozens of species across a wide spectrum of training objectives, the ATR International center helped thousands of people unlock the secrets of behavior modification regardless of what species they worked with.