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Animal Care Certification

People trained in the animal care position are certified in basic animal husbandry and daily activities. They are trained to help out with basic sessions and are responsible for all props and things trainers will need during sessions. Animal care are checked off for the highest standards of bucketing, afternoon fish kitchen, recording training sessions, water quality, medications, enrichment, water systems maintenance, assisting in enclosure cleaning and maintenance and work with public programs under direct supervision.

The following people have (only) completed the Animal Care Certification program:

Lisa Algee

Theresa Anderson

Tamara Arboit

Jessica Arvidson

Brock Bartimus

Erin Buchanan

Allison Cochran

Erin Collins

Mea Cottman

Paulina Dao

Jennifer DePaolo

Edward Diaz

Nikki Dinsmore

De'mi Dudley

Jaqueline Dominguez

Christine Ebersol

Megan Fee

Isaiah Foulks

Maya George

Jamie Goodis

Danielle Gurzi

Christina Hernandez

Anna Hild

Nikki Horner

Daniel Holsapple

Marissa Jacky

Chrissy Kane

Alisa Kirk

Laura Kovalik

Alona Kvitky

John Lindgren

Laura Lockwood

Cary Maio

Ashley Miffitt

Paul Miller

Swig Miller

Alissa Dyane

Jackson Nolan

Jennifer Pimentel

Angela Padilla

Jeanette Pirlo

Shaylyn Rasmussen

Kyrie Reichman

Jenifer Rodgers

Arielle Romero

Monika Romero

Brian Searcy

Scott Seganti

Laura Senecal

Jenny Simpson

Carlyn Slert

Sarah Stuve

Alondra Teran-Torres

Sharon Toy-Choutka

Wendy Wachsmuch

Matt Wafford

Penny Wagner

Jenni Wiese

Chelsea Williams

Inemesit Williams

Laura Yeates

Amy Yockel

Brandy Ziriax