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Animal Training 101: Unlock the True Science of Behavior with  AT Formación 

  •  Learn the six basic techniques to train any behavior
  • Learn to choose the right technique for the right situation
  • Understand the principles of associative and operant learning and where they apply working with animals
  • Uncover the best ways to persuade animals to cooperate
  • Troubleshoot and reduce undesirable behavior in ways that are comfortable for both the animal and the trainer
  • Reduce fears and develop the best relationships with animals
  • These scientific principles work with all species
  • Receive personal copy of all presentation materials in Spanish and English!!
  • Class features students practicing with exotic and domestic live animals including: Coati, Ocelots, meerkats, otters, Wolf, hyena, tiger, porcupine, wild boar, lemur, puma, capuchine monkeys, dogs and chickens


January 12-14,2018

University of Madrid-Madrid, Spain

 Schedule for Animal Training 101 Spain:
Day 1: Communication: Techniques of explaining to animals how to do behavior you want.  Featuring multi-lingual presentations with videos of descriptions of understanding classical and operant conditioning and how they are used in training behavior, the art and science of training a behavior and the six basic operant techniques and their advantages and disadvantages.

Day 2 and 3: Motivation and live examples: Techniques to persuade an animal to cooperate and how to reduce undesirable behavior.  Featuring live animal practice as well as multi-lingual presentations with videos of reinforcement principles, definitions and strategies, the four basic techniques of desensitization, understanding and reducing fear and aggression, and how to troubleshoot behavior challenges to find solutions.

All 3 days: 380€
Friday only: 90€
Saturday only: 160€
Sunday only: 130 €


Discounts Available!

AT Formación ex students, 20%

Book before September 15th, save 20%

After 9/15 if 2 people book together, each one saves 15%

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