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Upcoming Workshops

Mindful Communication:
Develop a Deep Understanding of the Science of Advanced Communication

June 29, 2019- July 1, 2019:  Warsaw, Poland 

With Dr. Jenifer A. Zeligs

Mindful Communication:

Advanced Targeting & Bridging!

In this Animal Training 101 workshop you will learn:

  • A full overview of the art and science of Animal Training 101!
  • How to condition and when to use advanced communication stimuli like the "Keep Going Stimulus" or the "Intermediate Bridge"!
  • To advance your art of training through mindful step-wise approximations!
  • To create and use targets to help define specific body locations for your animal!
  • Quicker methods of achieving longer and more precise behavior!


1 DAY PRACTICE WITH ANIMALS :(available only to the participants of the 2 days lectures)

  • Max no. of participants - 20.
  • Special reduced price for the participants of the 2018 seminar with Jenifer Zeligs in Warsaw. Language: English.
  • 10% discount for groups over 3 persons.
  • (No other discount apply)

FULL PRICE for those who register after May 16, 2019

To register please email:



Mindfulness Partnership with Animals:

January 2020: Valencia and Madrid, Spain:

With Dr. Jenifer A. Zeligs

Mindfulness Partnership:


More Information on this workshop coming soon!


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