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Mindful Partners: The Zen art and science of working with animals

Discover how to train animals through compassionate wisdom!

"I consider Dr. Jenifer Zeligs a good friend, talented colleague, and wonderful mentor. Her generosity in sharing her knowledge and training advice has positively impacted my success with horses as much, or more, than any other influence."

- David Lichman                        5-Star Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructor

 Many of us dream of being like Dr. Dolittle, able to speak joyfully with animals. Now you can bring that dream to life! In Mindful Partners: The Zen art and science of working with animals, Dr. Jenifer Zeligs takes you on a transformative journey to the deepest level of connection with animals.

Mindful Partners is a must read for any compassionate animal lover. Dr. Zeligs combines breakthroughs in behavioral sciences with centuries of contemplative wisdom, guiding readers to see behavior as it fundamentally exists and how actions and reactions are born, practiced, and altered. She teaches the reader to use mindfulness to develop a special kind of partnership in which both parties share a mutually beneficial connection. The architecture of her message is built on the psychological sciences, but its heart is told through story, analogy, and introspection. The book is filled with intimate and amusing accounts of Dr. Zeligs’ 40-year history of partnerships across the animal kingdom—from improving the welfare of horses and dogs to filming wild whales using trained sea lions. This is an empowering guide to connecting with animals, drawing on the best of science, as well as traditions of inspirational wisdom.

Whether you your animal friend is a dog, a cat, a horse, or even a porcupine, this book will offer simple and practical insights to help you solve some of the most persistent and difficult behavior questions such as:

• How do I get started training my pet?
• What approach should I take?
• How do I create a strong connection with my animal friends?
• How can I establish genuine interspecies communication?
• How can I learn to read my animal’s behavior and needs?
• How can I teach my animal to be calm?
• How should I best respond when things go wrong?
• How can I reduce aggression?
• How do I build confidence while overcoming fears in my animal?
• How do I handle my animal’s frustrations and urges?
• How do I decide what steps to take to teach something to my animal?
• How do I reduce unwanted behaviors without punishment?
• How do I motivate without causing stress?









Each chapter includes color illustrations, questions for personal reflection, and practices to enable you to master the concepts.

Now Available on Amazon in Both Paperback and on Kindle!

Mindful Partners Book $24.95 USD

Amazon Kindle version $9.99 USD

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"Mindful Partners teaches how to build an attentive, thoughtful relationship with your animal partner and to train behaviors while keeping the animal’s individuality in full focus. Containing many insightful anecdotes from Dr. Zeligs’ work with various species, it details many useful training techniques while giving entertaining accounts of how those methods have come into play. It is an inspiring, entertaining read!"

- Erin Geddie


"Mindful partners is both a practical guide to animal training and a spiritual journey to understanding how animals think, feel, and communicate. I feel more able to work cooperatively with my pets to give them the best life possible."

- Kali Prescott