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General Internships

"Being able to conduct a training session was not only thrilling and exciting, but proved to be very educational. The helpfulness, support, encouragement from all the staff made this incredible opportunity an extraordinary experience."

- Maureen Gilbert, Teacher

  • General Internship: For anyone who wants to learn more about animal training or loves animals. Week long internship includes training explanation talks, feeding sessions, 2 training sessions at the fence and 2 training sessions inside.

$135.00 per day                      $550.00 per week (5 days)


  •  Student Internship: People who have taken or are registered to take an ATR Intl class: experience and practice techniques and skills learned in the class setting. Week long internship includes feeding sessions, 2 training sessions at the fence and 2 training sessions inside.

$100.00 per day                    $399.00 per week (5 days)


*special couples deal for 2 people: $1000.00 for a week (5 day) internship


To sign up for an internship: 

Call (831) 771-4191 or email

Deposits should be mailed to:

Stefani Skrovan
Moss Landing Marine Labs
8272 Moss Landing Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039

Praise from our past interns:

“This program allowed me to get a hands on , exciting, and rewarding experience that will for sure help me in achieving my career goals to work in this industry.”

-Sarah Barton

“I value everything I learned at SLEWTHS. I think it was crucial for me to experience animal keeping, husbandry & training (not just training, like I had thought before). Being hands on and versatile in animal care & training makes a good trainer!”

–Malgosia Kaczmarska

“This internship gave me real world experiential training , opening my eyes to all of the hard work, preparation, record keeping, and excitement involved in marine mammal care, training, and research.”

-Jessica Merritt

“Through this experience, I have enriched my passion for the marine biology field. There are so many careers to consider, but through this experience, I was amazed and encouraged by the workers that guided me through this trip.”

-Jorim Huang

“This project has helped me shape my goals in a way that it has made me realize how much I really do love working with marine mammals.”

-Lisette Juarez

“The experience was very rewarding and when I came here on my first day it was almost like waking up on Christmas morning. Most here get to work with these animals on a daily basis, but I only dream of getting the chance. I was so happy every day! The staff here is wonderful, they gave me so much knowledge.”

–Heather Hamlin

“Thank you for two amazing, magical, unbelievable and life changing summers. I have learned so much!!”

-Aliza Elson