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Trainer for a Day!

"Being able to conduct a training session was not only thrilling and exciting, but proved to be very educational. The helpfulness, support, encouragement from all the staff made this incredible opportunity an extraordinary experience."

- Maureen Gilbert, Teacher

  • Trainer for a Day: Animal Training & Research International welcomes you to participate in a fun and educational experience of what it takes to care for our Sea Lions. Participants experience preparing our sea lions' food, learning about their health, and of coarse interacting with some of the best trained marine mammals you will ever meet. We offer experiences for all levels of interest for those who are excited about working with animals. Our week long (5 day) internships go into even more depth! The week long internship includes training explanations and games, feeding sessions, and multiple training sessions in both protected and free contact scenarios with our sea lions!

$135.00 per day                      $550.00 per week (5 days)

  •  Student Internship: People who have taken or are registered to take an ATR Intl class: experience and practice techniques and skills learned in the class setting. Week long internship includes feeding sessions, and multiple training sessions in both protected and free contact scenarios.

$100.00 per day                    $399.00 per week (5 days)

*special couples deal for 2 people: $1000.00 for a week (5 day) internship

To sign up for an internship: 

Call (831) 771-4191 or email

Deposits should be mailed to:

Stefani Skrovan
Moss Landing Marine Labs
8272 Moss Landing Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039

Praise from our past interns:

“This program allowed me to get a hands on , exciting, and rewarding experience that will for sure help me in achieving my career goals to work in this industry.”

-Sarah Barton

“I value everything I learned at SLEWTHS. I think it was crucial for me to experience animal keeping, husbandry & training (not just training, like I had thought before). Being hands on and versatile in animal care & training makes a good trainer!”

–Malgosia Kaczmarska

“This internship gave me real world experiential training , opening my eyes to all of the hard work, preparation, record keeping, and excitement involved in marine mammal care, training, and research.”

-Jessica Merritt

“Through this experience, I have enriched my passion for the marine biology field. There are so many careers to consider, but through this experience, I was amazed and encouraged by the workers that guided me through this trip.”

-Jorim Huang

“This project has helped me shape my goals in a way that it has made me realize how much I really do love working with marine mammals.”

-Lisette Juarez

“The experience was very rewarding and when I came here on my first day it was almost like waking up on Christmas morning. Most here get to work with these animals on a daily basis, but I only dream of getting the chance. I was so happy every day! The staff here is wonderful, they gave me so much knowledge.”

–Heather Hamlin

“Thank you for two amazing, magical, unbelievable and life changing summers. I have learned so much!!”

-Aliza Elson