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Senior Trainer Certification

A senior trainer is the manager of all groups of trainers working for the SLEWTHS project. A senior trainer has mastered beginning and intermediate level training and management. Senior trainers learn dangerous and delicate behaviors like blood sampling, stomach tubing, and advanced desensitization procedures. The senior trainer is free to explore novel training techniques and approaches and learns to train their own novel behaviors to the animals. The senior trainer has mastered and is checked off for most of the behaviors of each of the animals and have the experience and wisdom to act as a responsible manager.  They perform shows and public interactions and often present at scientific meetings and conferences.

The following people have completed the Senior Trainer Certification (and the Animal Care, Assistant Trainer and Trainer Certification):

Ashley Acridge

Amy Cavagnaro

Megan Cuzick

Rachel Dagget

Sophie Darling (Obtained Supervising Trainer position)

Annette Dempsey

Traci Kendall (Fink)

Tiana Hanna

Nicole Homes

Alex Kjellgren

Melodie Lawicki

Wendy Lewis

Allison Limbaugh

Brett Long

Erin Lovin

Jana Martin

Christina Ness

Heather Norman


Gina Paolini

Coll Perske

Tina Pool

Sarah Radloff

Allison Reesh (obtained the Head Trainer position)

Ari Smith

Austin Raymond

Beau Richter

Denise Sanger

Camille Sierra

Jessica Simpson

Michele Sousa

Amber Stephens

Alex Tyrell

Shannon Weinstein

Kat Weinmeister

Nancy Wenkel

Luisa Williams

Sean Williams

Heather Yeager (obtained the Head Trainer position)