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“Very useful to hear the different training techniques with their pros and cons. We were able to compare the examples you gave with training we are doing here and see where we can make improvements and changes. We really enjoyed the classes. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us in an interesting and informative way.”

-Emma Pearce and the Auckland Zoo Training team

Dr. Jenifer A. Zeligs Ph.D, offers a variety of classes, workshops and seminars focusing on the science of animal behavior and the practical art of animal training. These events will overview the tools used to both Communicate (describe) as well as to Motivate (persuade) animals. They will include pratical examples using live animals as well as videos of all types of species. Dr. Zeligs thoroughly explains the entire spectrum of training methods by providing an analysis of each approach, while focusing on maintaining a trusting, positive relationship between the animal and the trainer. Recently having released her first book, Animal Training 101: The Complete and Practical Guide to the Art and Science of Behavior Modification, Dr. Zeligs presents the many techniques of animal training in a simple and practical way that will be useful to both the seasoned professional and a beginning level enthusiast working with animals of any species.

These events will open up your mind to a broader understanding of animals, and how to work with them in a partnership of mutual advantage!

If you are interested in hosting an event with Dr. Zeligs you can email her at

"Your efforts illustrate how psychology can be applied to animal training, health and research. The 37,000+ students across the globe taking our General Psychology course are now better educated in the principles of learning due to the generous donation of your time."

- Susan Snycerski, Ph.D. SJSU General Psychology Instructor