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Our wonderful sea lion partners: Nemo, Ariel, Cali, Gaia and Freya need your help. Due to covid-19 restrictions, nearly all funding sources have been canceled, but the sea lions still need food and medications! We have created a CAUSEVOX campaign where you can help at:

Our facility has been closed to the public since March 15th, 2020 due to the pandemic. We have continued to provide the highest levels of care to our family of sea lions, but our financial situation is desperate. We need your help. With Covid-19, we have been unable to host events or travel to outreach programs and have lost tens of thousands of dollars in fundraising opportunities, which would normally feed our sea lions. We are looking to raise money to cover just the cost of food and medication for our animals this year, and we need to raise this NOW because our annual fish order is due soon. Anything raised beyond the fish costs will go directly towards upkeep of their life support system.


Praise for Animal Training 101 Online Classes:

I learned so much from these lectures. I am such a visual person and I absolutely loved how she taught! The videos and examples she prepared for the lectures were absolutely amazing and helped the material just sink into my brain easier."

- Anastasia Lagarde, Zookeeper Houston Zoo


Learn how to understand and teach the science of behavior at Animal Training and Research (ATR) International!  ATR is a world-class teaching aquarium and a long-term care facility affiliated with the California State University system at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories.  People come to us from all over the world to master the behavioral science behind the art of animal training. ATR training leads to career advancement. Our students hold senior positions at zoos, aquariums and animal parks around the world.  ATR has been directly responsible for the career development of hundreds of top-level domestic and exotic animal professionals across a broad industry.

Located in Monterey, California, ATR is a facility designed with your learning in mind. From online courses, to week-long summer classes, internships, research, public shows and educational programs, we cover all facets of working with animals. Established by Dr. Jenifer Zeligs, who has over 30 years’ experience training dozens of species across a wide spectrum of training objectives, ATR is here to help you unlock the secrets of behavior modification in your own training regardless of what species you work with.


Learn how to create complex behavior you never thought possible. Founded on the idea of the best possible cooperative relationship between animals and people, this forms the important foundation and common denominator for our interactions with all animals and students. We hold cutting edge standards of care for our animals and their cooperative involvement in every aspect of their lives, from our research to our education programs. Through supporting our programs you are assured the promise of the highest standard of care, safety, and welfare of our remarkable rescued animals, as well as our commitment to continued conservation, environmental research, and high quality inspiring educational experiences.

"I have not ever been to a facility that so completely demonstrated that the principals of humane, nonintrusive, most effective means were used daily by staff amongst themselves as well as with the animals. The love and care given to these animals is phenomenal. This place definitely has deeper dimension of compassion than any place I have been. A beautiful and refreshing experience."

- Dr. Susan Brown, Veterinarian

“Jenifer is a true expert in animal training and behavior. She and her team are always inspiring when it comes to taking my own training to higher levels”

-Tenielle Williams, owner Dog Matters

Check out Animal Training 101 by Dr. Jenifer Zeligs!


Animal Training and Research International has a world famous reputation for excellence in Animal Behavior Modification, recognized by numerous prominent animal training organizations.

International Marine Animal Trainers' Association Awards
• Best Poster Presentation 1993
• Best Husbandry Techniques/ Research Advancements 1997
• Best Trained Behavior 1997
• Best Poster Presentation (2nd place) 2000
• Best Research Advancements 2001

• Best Behavioral Training (2nd place) 2008

The Animal Behavior Management Alliance Award
• “Sharing the Knowledge” Award 2005

International Animal Training Conference Twycross Zoo Award
• People’s Choice Award 2014

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