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Praise for Animal Training 101 Online Classes:

"I learned so much from these lectures. I am such a visual person and I absolutely loved how she taught! The videos and examples she prepared for the lectures were absolutely amazing and helped the material just sink into my brain easier."

- Anastasia Lagarde, Zookeeper Houston Zoo



Learn how to understand and teach the science of behavior at Animal Training and Research (ATR) International!  ATR is a world-class teaching aquarium affiliated with the California State University system. People come from all over the world to master the science of behavior at our long-term care facility. ATR has been directly responsible for the career development of hundreds of top-level animal professionals across a broad industry.

Located in Monterey, California, ATR is a facility designed with your learning in mind. From online courses, to week-long summer classes, internships, research, public shows and educational programs, we cover all facets of working with animals. Established by Dr. Jenifer Zeligs, who has over 30 years’ experience training dozens of species across a wide spectrum of training objectives, ATR is here to help you unlock the secrets of behavior modification in your own training regardless of what species you work with.


Learn how to create complex behavior you never thought possible. Founded on the idea of the best possible cooperative relationship between animals and people, this forms the important foundation and common denominator for our interactions with all animals and students. We hold cutting edge standards of care for our animals and their cooperative involvement in every aspect of their lives, from our research to our education programs. Through supporting our programs you are assured the promise of the highest standard of care, safety, and welfare of our remarkable rescued animals, as well as our commitment to continued conservation, environmental research, and high quality inspiring educational experiences.

“I still believe that “everything I need to know in life I learned at the lab”.   My life and my career were inspired and influenced greatly by (the animals) and Jen Zeligs.”

-Wendy Lewis- Lieutenant Commander, Marine and Aviation Operations, NOAA


“This team, this one in a million team, shaped my whole life. It has been an honor and truly a privilege to know them. If you ever wonder about the dedication of a zoological trainer, and the profound relationship that can be nurtured between animal and trainer, this is the example that has set the standard, for me and many others in the field and in life…When I say they have shaped who I am and how I show up, and more importantly the kind of mother I am and how I strive to develop a deep and unshakeable trust and bond with my children, I am not exaggerating.”

            -Vera Levitt Casey –Mother and Zoo Professional

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