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Welcome to Animal Training and Research International’s Online Academy! 

We have a wide-range of online courses to fit your needs with lectures by Dr. Jenifer Zeligs. Visit our full online academy of courses and certifications on the Thinkific platform. Here.

The One! The Only! The Original! Animal Training 101!

Learn more about Animal Training 101 and the different course options in the video below from Dr. Jenifer Zeligs. Or just click the buttons to go directly to the info pages.

Mindful Partners On Demand Course – Only $48!

This on demand course is based on Dr. Zeligs’ NEW book – Mindful Partners: The Zen art and science of working with animals.  Recorded during a recent 4 week course, now available to view any time, by popular demand! Learn how to use mindfulness to troubleshoot your behavioral challenges and improve your pet training.

Working with Marine Mammals – Only $250!

Learn and experience the entire field of working with Marine Mammals!

For anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the marine mammal field and would like to understand how to get started and what options exist. This course provides practical information about marine mammal taxa, physiology, legal policy in the U.S., husbandry and veterinary medicine, research techniques, science education, animal training and careers in these areas.