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“She was very engaging and her passion for the subject was not only evident, but contagious.  She also was very casual, which made it a more comfortable learning environment where you felt like you were just chatting about training rather than being lectured to about it.   I found this class super informative and I see it helping me so much in my job.  I’m looking forward to taking parts 2 and 3!”

-Emily Bricker, Primate Keeper, National Zoological Park


Now available as a fully online class with certification! Over 30 hours of videos of dozens of species, including new material!

Discover how to interpret behavior using a scientific approach melded with the art of training.  These techniques can be used with any species!

Taught in 3 parts: Part 1: Communication 101 will teach you the six basic techniques of creating any behavior and how to choose the right method for the right situation!  Learn to understand classical and operant learning and the art of training. Parts 2 and 3: Motivation and Practical Training 101- will teach you to master the process of troubleshooting, reducing fears and problem behavior, and creating complex behavior you never thought possible!

 Watch anytime on demand for a full year at your own convenience!

See prices, registration, and details below for the full AT 101 course or the individual portions!

*Now available 2 levels of Certifications:  General AT 101 course certificate or a live animal specialized certificate (Dog, Horse, General Domestic, or Exotic Animal)  following the completion of the full course, passing a final exam, and or certification videos for animal type!


ATR in now offering nine different ways to take the on demand Animal Training 101 Online Course to best meet your needs!

Animal Training 101 Full Course (parts 1, 2, &3): $400

Full course includes Communication, Motivation, and Practical Training. Covers all fifteen topics with 30 lectures available on demand.

Communication Lecture 1; Science and Ethics: $25

Overview of the background science (behaviorism, cognition, neurosciences) and ethics of behavior modification and an introduction to the pros and cons class model for best outcomes.

Part 1: Communication: $250

Seven topics broken into 14 one hour lectures. Now also offered in smaller units of a few lectures at a time:

-Foundations of Training (Lectures 1,2,3): $125

-Six Basic Operant Techniques (Lectures 4,5,6): $150

Part 2: Motivation: $155

Five topics broken into 10 one hour lectures.

Part 3: Practical Training: $120

Three topics broken into 6 one hour lectures.

Part 2 and 3 bundle: $250

Both the Motivation and Practical Training courses offered as a discounted bundle.

Institutional Membership:

Email for inquiries about institutional memberships for more than one person.

To learn more about all of our Animal Training 101 online course options check out this video by Dr. Zeligs herself!

Want to just take part of the class at a time? You can get segments of the class on their own!: see the buttons below.