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Assistant Trainer Certification

A certified assistant trainer has completed the Animal Care Certification AND has demonstrated competence in basic behaviors and training techniques under direct supervision of a trainer or senior trainer. Assistant trainers have mastered basic stationing and targeting behaviors, entry level body exams, basic obedience, entry level exercise and show behaviors.  An assistant trainer must have taken Animal Training 101 and have a strong and current knowledge of animal training principles. They maintain a current understanding of each individual animals training records and past history. They are cleared to enter any enclosure with any animal using ATR's safety protocols. Assistant trainers are trained to be responsible for supervising all animal care staff. Assistant trainers are trained to help the senior staff manage the daily activities and provide feedback to all levels of management as needed.

The following people completed the Assistant Trainer Certification (and the Animal Care Certification):

Savannah Armstrong

Lindsay Clark

Kate Collins

Bethany Dalton

Michele Dodd

Brandi Dolph

Heather Edwards

Isis Andrade

Jennifer Ellsworth

Jennifer Gafney

Jennifer Gale

Liz Gallegos

Autumn Greiner

Natalia Guzman

 Brandy Hansen

Kristi Leikvoll

Nicole March

Kelly McCay

Kimberly Murray

Chelsie Newbill

Dustin Petrie

Angela Preston

Deneille Pritchard

Sally Regan

Matt Rutishauser

Jeanine Scaramozzino

Arturo Suarez

Ryan Thompson

Chantel Todd

Patricia Turnmire

Stephanie Vierra

Jenny White