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Beginning Marine Mammalogy

"The best possible start for my career! I learned so much, and loved every minute of my internship at SLEWTHS!"

- Malgosia Kaczmarska, Mammal trainer, Vancouver Aquarium

Certification in Beginning Marine Mammalogy requires the completion of two classes which focus on working with marine mammals in addition to a five day internship. This program provides education in both hands-on and classroom settings.

The two courses required for the completion of a Beginning Marine Mammalogy certification are: Animal Training 101 online class, and the Working With Marine Mammals online class. Both courses are available anytime on demand. The class requirements may also be completed by taking:

Bio 347: Working With Marine Mammals: This 3 credit course (offered Dec/Jan, 2022/23) is designed to assist people who are interested in developing a career in marine mammalogy. It will provide practical information about marine mammals and careers working with them, drawing on the rich background of marine mammal work in the Monterey Bay area. The course will include many live experiences with the marine mammals at Moss Landing Marine Labs and in the surrounding areas.

This class will instruct students in captive marine mammal husbandry (care and maintenance), training, basic physiology, an overview of common research topics and techniques, as well as public display, education, and current issues in marine mammalogy. Students will experience a virtual intern day at the lab assisting in the care of research-trained California sea lions. They will also develop a resume, go through a mock job interview, and public presentation.

Bio 148: Introduction to Animal Training:  This 3 credit course (offered Dec/Jan, 2022/23) provides students an in-depth understanding of the discipline of animal training across many different types of terrestrial and aquatic animals and techniques. It provides an exceptional background in relevant animal behavior and psychological principles related to the practical goal of modifying animal behavior.

These techniques are demonstrated using trained sea lions, horses, and other domestic and exotic animals. Students will intern a day at the lab assisting in the care and training of research-trained sea lions (or virtual internship during covid19). Topics covered will include: Captivity, Why Train? Communication, Motivation, Desensitization, Aggression, and Practical Training. (sometimes offered as PSY395)

These courses are provided through ATR Intl., in conjunction with California State University at Monterey Bay (CSUMB)

For more information on the five day intern portion of the Beginning Marine Mammalogy please visit our Intern page

The following people have earned a Certificate in Beginning Marine Mammalogy:

Acridge, Ashley

Agent-Martinez, Amber

Allen, JoAnn

Alexander, Courtney

Ambrose, Joshua

Andrade, Isis

Andrighetto, Nicholas

Arizpe, Prescilla

Armstrong, Savannah

Arvidson, Jessica

Ayala, Alexandria

Belden, Julia

Berkowitz, Marc

Berryman, Jill

Booth, Haley

Braga, Livia

Canzoneri, Nicolette

Cavagnaro, Amy

Clark, Kristen

Cloud, Lindsay

Collins, Kate

Collins, Sarah

Cooke, Heather

Cousins, Amanda

Craft, Alex

Crisosto, Vickie-Lynn

Crosby, Siobhan

Cushnie, Deborah

Cuzick, Megan

Daggett, Rachel

Darling, Sophie

DeShane, Allison

Diaz, Edward

Dickson, Jane

Dodson, Kelsey

Dudley, De'Mi

Eberle, Glenda

Edwards, Heather

Ellsworth, Jennifer

Elson, Aliza

Engelhoff, Jenny

Freeborn, Mel

Freeman, Kinsey

Gale, Jennifer

Godat, Erica

Graves, Megan

Guzman, Natalia

Hansen, Brandy

Harvey-Gurr, Craig

Heath, Oceana

Huang, Jorim

Hunziker, Tritia

Hyson, Danielle

Imm, Sarah

Jaeger, Carlyn

Jacky, Marissa

Jaramillo, Maren

Jones, Michelle

Kampen, Kaitlyn

Kaczmarska, Malgosia

Keating, Danielle

Kechely, Samantha

Keith, Colleen

LaBar, Jennifer

Landmesser, Karen

Larwood, Veronica

Leikvoll, Kristi

Lentz, Katie

Lewis, Wendy

Levitt, Vera

Limbaugh, Allison

Lindemann, Dana

Lynn, Melodie

Martin, Jana

McCarthy, Julie

Merrit, Jessica

Michaelis, Carrie

Miller, Lydia

Mullins, Jamie

Munoz, Jacquilene

Newcomer, Sarah

Nicholson, Annalise

Pacheco, Ariana

Paolini, Gina

Peinado, Lacey

Perske, Coll

Peters, Shelby

Petrie, Dustin

Pirlo, Jeanette

Preston, Angela

Pritchett, Katelyn

Radloff, Sarah

Ragland, Rebecca

Regalia, Ashley

Richter, Beau

Rifkin, Jacklyn

Rodriguez, Roberto

Rogers, Shannon

Romero, Arielle

Rudelic, Max

Schreiber, Michael

Seganti, Scott

Sierra, Camille

Simpson, Jessica

Smith, Arianna

Spader, Christine

Stephens, Amber

Sterns, Elizabeth

Stoner, Robin

Sutherland, Linda

Caitlyn Swe

Thompson, Ryan

Thorson, Tammy

Todd, Chantel

Troyer-Turvey, Barbra

Tyrrell, Alexandra

Walecka, Hilary

Warren, Jennifer

Watrud, Kara

Weinstein, Shannon

Wenkel, Nancy

Wheeler, Bree

Young, Mia

Yugo, Elizabeth

Ziriax, Brandy