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Parts 2 & 3: Motivation and Practical Training

  • Learn the 4 basic methods to conquer fears and aversions
  • Discover how to reduce unwanted behavior using positive methods
  • Learn how to troubleshoot all your training obstacles
  • Teach advanced behaviors in difficult situations
  • Certifications now available for basic completion, exotic animals, dogs, and horses

MOTIVATION 101: $155

Lecture 1:  Drives, definitions understanding motivators, drive systems and emotions and how they effect your animal and your behavior decisions

Lecture 2:  Forming behavior: Reinforcement and rehearsal principles and schedules.  Pros and cons of various schedules of reinforcement and reinforcement choices.

Lecture 3: Reducing behavior: Punishment and prevention overview and principles.  Understanding the difficult situations associated with problem behavior and how to make the best choices for animal welfare and your relationship.

Lecture 4: Desensitization techniques: Habituation, counter-conditioning, systematic desensitization and flooding.  Learn the strategies to overcome fear and reduce the value of competing motivations to give both you and your animal more comfort, confidence, and focus on task.

Lecture 5: Other prevention strategies: Redirection (DRI, DRO, conditioned relaxation, behavior momentum), increased response effort and extinction.  Eliminating problem behavior using the most positive means possible while developing your relationship and connection.




Lecture 1: Troubleshooting: general analysis of problem and objectives, interventions and assessments for creating desirable behavior in the real world.  Gain new insight into solving all your problem behavior situations.

Lecture 2: Detailed real life examples of troubleshooting problem behavior especially working with aggression.  Understand the complex motivations associated with aggressive behavior and the best strategies to reduce, prevent, and eliminate it.

Lecture 3: Learn important strategies for training trainers both as clients and in large systems using the same behavioral principles we use with animals that create strong and happy training systems.  And a final analysis of top strategies and easy to remember concepts and memes from throughout the course- putting it all together!

Motivation and Practical Training 101 bundle: $250

Both the Motivation and Practical Training courses offered as a discounted bundle

"It's apparent that Dr. Zeligs cares about us, her duties as a teacher, and her responsibilities with the animals.  Everything you learn in the class is reinforced by real actions and demonstrations...with live animals.  She knows her stuff!"

-Vail Dark, Undergraduate student