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Mindful Partners: A Time to Connect with Your Pets


"I wish this class was longer than 4 weeks! I feel so fortunate to have been able to participate in this class. I look forward to more classes and so does my horse."

-Joyce Dorsey

An on demand course by Dr. Jenifer Zeligs.

Only $48!!



This new on demand course is based on Dr. Zeligs' NEW book - Mindful Partners: The Zen art and science of working with animal.

Learn how to use mindfulness to troubleshoot your behavioral challenges and solve them.   

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This four-session (6 hour) course was originally offered and recorded as 4 weekly seminars.  Based on the sciences of mindfulness and behavior modification, it is designed for connecting with awareness to the animals in your life whether that is dogs, cats, horses, birds or even exotics.  This course is for all flexible and curious people wanting to plant the seed of partnership with their animals. In addition, it will nourish and enrich prior experience learning from Dr. Zeligs either in workshops, classes or having read Animal Training 101 (No personal coaching included). Improve your animal’s behavior using home exercises along with each seminar.

This on demand course will:

  • Show you how to use mindfulness with animals to bring joy to both you and to them.
  • Provide 4 sessions (originally weekly meetings – available now by popular demand to watch at your own pace)– each with a mindfulness exercise, short seminar, and recorded discussion of common participant questions and experiences from the live course.
  • Practice and troubleshoot your personal training challenges.
  • Pick one or several issues to work with during the home exercise challenges.
  • Be available for unlimited on-demand replays for one year on our Thinkific learning site.


Session One: What is mindfulness and how is it useful in animal behavior management and making connections with animals?

Learn how to begin by centering yourself with a basic awareness and intention practice.   From a centered viewpoint begin to mindfully recognize your behavioral ABCs (Antecedent, Behavior and Consequence) and put them towards more positive outcomes.  Understand your personal training goals in ways that show you how to make the necessary steps to progress and change behavior.  Practice exercises for home study will focus on building confidence through calm and generous connections.

Session Two: Mindful antecedents - how to set the animal up for success

Learn the four aspects of antecedent arrangements that are critical causes and conditions of behavior.  These are the trainer’s mind and body and the animal’s mind and body.  Learn to recognize where certain aspects may be holding you back or contributing to undesirable outcomes. Discover how to find a middle path between intention and flexibility using an open mindfulness and curiosity.

Session Three: Mindful Behavior

Learn to break your behavior challenges down into proper sized steps.  Find more places to start seeing the rightness and bring out the best behaviors one step at a time.   Discover ways to begin to cultivate patience and duration in your behaviors.

Session Four: Mindful Consequences

Find ways to increase your animal’s enthusiasm and motivation for working with you.  Learn how to expand the use of positive reinforcement safely and without developing nagging or mugging behavior.  Improve your skills in mindful marking of correct and incorrect behavior.

"I loved the book so I decided to enroll in the course to have more insights. I literally dove into it. I have been practicing mindfulness for a while, but linking it to my training changed everything. Not only improved my training but also the relationship with my pets."

-Silvia Montecchio