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Freya arrived at SLEWTHS on March 8th 2016. She was adopted from the Pacific Marine Mammal stranding facility where she was a repeat strander and was deemed non-releasable by the National Marine Fisheries Service.  Freya is very imaginative and fully enjoys playing with all her toys. She could be found moving toys from pool to pool and even playing a sea lion version of "air hockey" with the staff. She also loves playing with her friend Gaia (whom we adopted at the same time), and the other adult sea lions, especially wanting others to chase her. Despite an initial distrust of humans from her stranding history, she now wants her trainers' attention all the time and acts jealous of their time spent with other animals.

Freya is determined to learn during a session and wants to learn quickly. This determination is a wonderful feature of Freya‘s and will ultimately help her work toward being an extremely accomplished sea lion.