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ATR International offers the best trained, highly experienced sea lions for both studio and film work. We are located only 5 hours north of Hollywood and include our own USDA permitted sea lion transport and habitat accommodations. Our animals have knowledge of more than 150 behaviors and discrete cues to function at a high level in strange and new surroundings. ATR International holds a uniquely high standard concerning the care and safety in the involvement of our animals in studio and film work. We also consult for any venture involved with marine mammals. Some of our past studio and film work includes:


The Animal


50 First Dates


Cory in the House

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Pet Stars

The Bold and the Beautiful

Dateline NBC

Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures 


National Geographic Explorer

National Geographic Magazine

Les Hommes Poissons

California Sea Lions: An Unforgettable Encounter


Dos Equis

Energy Star

Money Magazine

American Express

Restform Raised Airbeds