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California State University Monterey Bay Classes (open to public)


" I absolutely loved this class! While my undergraduate career included a lot of hands on work, my week long experience with Dr. Zeligs' Working With Marine Mammals Class far exceeded any biology course I previously enrolled in. Definitely the best class I've ever taken!"

Jakelin Escobar- Undergrad Student

ATR Intl., in conjunction with California State University at Monterey Bay (CSUMB), is currently offering Bio 347: Working with Marine Mammals and Psy395: Intro to Animal Training as online classes during this winter session. Working with Marine Mammals will be taught with a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous lectures, allowing for maximum flexibility combined with professor interaction. Taking both of the courses ("live" or online) in conjunction with an internship will earn a Certificate in Beginning Marine Mammalogy.

Psy 395*: Introduction to Animal Training (online version)
*(previously offered as Bio 148)
December 23, 2020 - January 22, 2021
Unlock the secret science of behavior with Dr. Jenifer Zeligs. This 3 credit course provides students an in-depth understanding of the discipline of animal training across many different types of terrestrial and aquatic animals and techniques. It provides an exceptional background in relevant animal behavior and psychological principles related to the practical goal of modifying animal behavior. This course will be offered asynchronously with watch on-demand high quality videos and learning experiences with dozens of different types of animals and species. Discover how to interpret behavior using a scientific approach melded with the art of training.  These techniques can be used with any species! Taught in 3 parts: Part 1: Communication 101 will teach the six basic techniques of creating any behavior and how to choose the right method for the right situation!  Learn to understand applied behavior analysis, classical and operant learning and the art of training. Parts 2 and 3: Motivation and Practical Training 101- will teach how to master the process of troubleshooting, reducing fears and problem behavior, and creating complex behavior! Students will have a virtual internship experience demonstrating the daily care of research-trained California sea lions.
Full class runs December 23, 2020, through Jan 22, 2021.
To register, visit:  *follow the instructions for Non-CSUMB Students.
Registration Instructions: 
Instructions for registering are at the top.  Fill out personal info, and for Course Information:
Course #: 10061  Subject and #: Psy 395, Section: 91 Units: 3
For questions about registration: Email or call  (831)760-5141.


Bio 347: Working with Marine Mammals (online version)
This 3 credit course (also to be offered in summer 2021) is designed to assist people who are interested in developing a career in marine mammalogy.  This course will be offered with 3 live zoom meetings as a hybrid where the remaining (majority) of the course will be available to watch on-demand in pre-recorded videos.  This maximizes schedule flexibility for the student while maintaining instructor interaction. It will provide practical information about marine mammals and working with them, drawing on the rich background of marine mammal work in the Monterey Bay area.  The course will include video experiences with the marine mammals from the Monterey Bay and those at Moss Landing Marine Labs. This class will instruct students in captive marine mammal husbandry (care and maintenance), training, basic physiology, an overview of common research topics and techniques, as well as public display, education, and current issues in marine mammalogy.  Students will have a virtual internship experience demonstrating the daily care of research-trained California sea lions.  They will also gain experience in developing a resume, job interviews, and public presentations.
Live meetings will occur from 3- 4:30 pm on Tuesdays Jan 5, Jan 12, and Jan 19, 2021.
Full class runs January 5, 2021, through Jan 22, 2021.

For more information and to sign up please visit:

For questions about registration: Email or call  (831)760-5141.