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Career Development Volunteer Positions


ATR training leads to career advancement. Our students hold senior positions at zoos, aquariums and animal parks around the world.

I still believe that “everything I need to know in life I learned at the lab”.   My life and my career were inspired and influenced greatly by (the animals) and Jen Zeligs.”

-Wendy Lewis- Director of Legislative Affairs, NOAA

Our animal care and trainer credentialing allows long term personnel to learn in-depth concepts through active participation in the training and animal husbandry at the facility. This job training (volunteer) program gives participants an extensive background in animal training techniques, animal husbandry, public speaking and performance, veterinary medicine, effective research techniques, scientific writing, management skills, facility operations and maintenance, community outreach and awareness, and team oriented working habits.  Certifications are offered for Animal Care, Assistant Trainer, Trainer, and Senior Trainer levels.

To learn more read our Orientation Summary for an overview of our program

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