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April 20-30th, 2017

Pima County Fair

Tuscon, Arizona

June 26th- July 2nd, 2017

Bio 348: Techniques and Theories of Animal Training

Cal State, Monterey Bay

July 10-16th, 2017

Bio 347: Working With Marine Mammals

Cal State, Monterey Bay

August 3rd - 6th, 2017



Santa Clara County Fair



Santa Clara, California
September 8th - 17th, 2017



Spokane County Interstate Fair




Spokane, Washington
October 1st-6th, 2017 



International Marine Animal Trainers Association Conference 



Riviera Maya, Mexico
Wednesdays starting October 18th- December 6th, 2017

Motivational and Practical Training 101

Online Class 



January 12-14th, 2018

Animal Training 101: Unlocking the True Science of Behavior with  AT Formación

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University of Madrid

Madrid, Spain

April 8th-13th, 2018

The Animal Behavior Management Alliance Conference 

San Antonio, Texas

October 14th-19th, 2018

International Marine Animal Trainers Association Conference 

Algarve, Portugal