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Sea Lion Experience!

Animal Training & Research International introduces an opportunity you can’t pass up!

We welcome you and your family to our home facility; in Moss Landing, California to learn and participate in what it is like to have fun “Sea Lion Style.”

Come witness a 45- minute experience where you and your family will have the opportunity to:

Watch a sea lion demo with one of our trainers

        Experience being kissed by a sea lion

            There are no age limits to visiting our facility, so every member of your family is able to join in on the experience.

Our pricing is $50 per 2 persons ($15 for every additional person)


  •   Framed 4 x 6 Framed kiss photo
  • Interactive tour
  •     Sea Lion and Trainer Demo
  •        Discount on our merchandise
  •      Free Seafood Watch cards



Experience a Pet and play with one of our Sea Lions

for an additional $20

For booking visitations, groups over 10, or for more information, please contact us by sending an email to or call us at (831) 771-4191 !