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Professional Internships

This team, this one in a million team, shaped my whole life. It has been an honor and truly a privilege to know them. If you ever wonder about the dedication of a zoological trainer, and the profound relationship that can be nurtured between animal and trainer, this is the example that has set the standard, for me and many others in the field and in life.

- Vera Levitt, Zookeeper and Mother

ATR is now offering professional internships for anyone working in the animal field!

  • Professional Internship:   Offers a more in-depth opportunity; Includes normal week-long activities plus; 2 extra animal sessions, 1 hour personal mentor time with Dr. Jenifer Zeligs**, and full time senior staff mentoring and interaction.
    $150 per day                         $650 per week

*Some restrictions apply based on experience
** $100/hr if wanting more mentoring time with Dr. Jenifer Zeligs

To sign up for an internship: 

Call (831) 771-4191 or email

Deposits should be mailed to:

Stefani Skrovan
Moss Landing Marine Labs
8272 Moss Landing Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039

"Jen’s ideas and experience on how to use the principles of behavior is definitely outside the box of many facilities I have visited. A beautiful and refreshing experience."

- Susan Brown, Veterinarian