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Jonah Paintings

Jonah was born in 1997 and is a male California sea lion. He came to us when he was just a year old, after being found stranded on a beach, eating rocks and sand to try to fill his empty stomach, and joined us shortly thereafter. He is a very playful, intelligent sea lion who loves learning new behaviors and then adding his own creative flair.  His first painting was created in October 2009, and sold for more than $100! The paintings below are those which are currently available for sale. They are priced individually, dependent on a number of variables such as the number of colors, canvas size, and visual appeal. The prices for his paintings start at only $30. Each painting is also numbered, and comes with a photograph of him painting it as a certificate of authenticity. To learn more about Jonah as an individual, see Jonah on our Animal Alumni Page. Jonah now lives at the Houston Zoo since 2013 where he is a proud father.

Jonah #28, 9"x12"