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Donate Today!

How you can help!

Our wonderful sea lion partners: Nemo, Ariel, Cali, Gaia and Freya need your help. Due to covid-19 restrictions, nearly all funding sources have been canceled, but the sea lions still need food and medications! We have created a CAUSEVOX campaign where you can help at:

Our facility has been closed to the public since March 15th, 2020 due to the pandemic. We have continued to provide the highest levels of care to our family of sea lions, but our financial situation is desperate. We need your help. With Covid-19, we have been unable to host events or travel to outreach programs and have lost tens of thousands of dollars in fundraising opportunities, which would normally feed our sea lions.  Anything raised will go directly towards food, medications, and the upkeep of their life support system.

Causevox: Herring Update

Become a friend of the sea lions!

Various SLEWTHS paraphernalia and clothing are available for purchase. If interested, click Sea Lion Merchandise.

 Another way to donate is to buy products on our Amazon Wish list: click here

Our sea lions and staff greatly appreciate all donations, and show their gratitude with friendly gestures to donors. In recent years, most of SLEWTHS' accomplishments have been made possible by private donations.
* All donations to the SLEWTHS project are tax deductible.(tax id# 83-0403915)

Please make checks payable to: Tower Foundation and mail to:

Stefani Skrovan
Moss Landing Marine Labs
8272 Moss Landing Road
Moss Landing, CA 95039

please add account # 34-1509-0160 to memo to ensure your donation reaches us

Prefer to donate online? You can donate to the SLEWTHS project through our parent university of San Jose State University with either a one time donation, or set up recurring automatic monthly donations. Just Please be sure to chose "other" for where your donation should go and write: SEA LIONS 34-1509-0160 to insure you donation reaches us.  To donate online, simply click here