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Animal Training 101 Book

"It was the missing part of the puzzle for me training my horses. I believe EVERY vet school, 4H club, horse, animal owner should have this in their library."

- Karen Gassler, Horse Trainer

 Finally, a single text on animal training that is truly all-inclusive, while still focused on nurturing the vital relationship between animal and trainer!

Animal Training 101, the first handbook of its kind, finally offers a complete marriage of the science of animal behavior and the practical art of animal training. In one comprehensive volume, this approach is presented in a simple and practical way that will be useful to both the seasoned professional and a beginning level enthusiast working with animals of any species.

Where other animal training books focus on only a few chosen techniques, Animal Training 101 thoroughly explains the entire spectrum of training methods. Dr. Zeligs provides a cost-benefit analysis of each approach, while focusing on maintaining a trusting, positive relationship between animal and trainer. This well-organized reference enables you to easily find the optimal techniques to solve your specific training challenges and to decide which techniques best suit your individual needs. It is a must-have for anyone interested in animal training in either domestic or professional settings.

This text features:

• Both the science of animal behavior and the real-life practice of animal training
• Practical information useful to train both domestic and exotic animals
• Beginning and advanced techniques
• The most comprehensive and modern glossary of terms available
• Color illustrations

Author and professional Dr. Jenifer Zeligs offers a flexible, complete, and pragmatic approach that will allow you to connect with any animal in a mutually satisfying way.

 The companion course to this text is now offered fully online with over 30 hours of videos of dozens of species, including new material! Learn more about the Animal Training 101 Course here or Register here!

"The level of sophistication of Animal Training 101 is just right.  Animal Training 101 is the ideal introduction to nuance. Every new trainer has to discover the ambiguities of the craft for themselves, but this book can make those discoveries less daunting."

- John Widick, Reviewer, “Off the Shelf”, International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association

"What I love about Jenifer is her dedication to discovering the practical truths about animal training and her passion for sharing them.”

- David Lichman, 5 Star Parelli Natural Horsemanship instructor

" I have to say for me it is full of new ideas"

- František Šusta, Ph.D. author of  "Training is dialogue ... in which your dog also has a say"

" I think it’s excellent and have added it to the reading lists for several of the modules that I teach on animal training."

- Marion Justice BSc (Hons.), MSc, PGCE, TAGteach, ADip CBM, MAPDT 369, AMBIPDT, KCAI(CD), Bishop Burton College

“ I have already alternated laughing out loud and having to stand excitedly up in my chair in recognition and realization of universal (and personal) training challenges.”

- Jennifer Snitko, Horse Trainer

“ This book should be on a required reading list.”

-Lena Petrilli, Horse Trainer


Animal Training 101 Book & DVD Combo Combo $65 USD


Animal Training 101 Book $35 USD




Animal Training 101 DVD: Communication 101 $35 USD

Communication 101 DVD offers over 4 hours of content! Includes a 2 hour lecture on the topic of Communication and shows rough examples of the following communication techniques: Bridge stimuli, intermediate bridges, redirection stimuli, scan and capture, mimicry, baiting, manipulation, neg reinforcement, targeting with different species. (Note this DVD was produced with mixed quality content)