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ATR International was founded as a parent company to provide financial support for the research, conservation, and educational endeavors taken on by the not-for-profit SLEWTHS (Science Learning and Exploration With The Help of Sea Lions) Project. This relationship and financial security enhances our capacity to provide low cost, high quality research program and educational experiences for students and the general public. Through supporting our program you are assured the promise of the highest standard of care, safety and welfare of our remarkable sea lions, as well as our commitment to continued conservation, environmental research, and high quality inspiring educational experiences. Founded on a conservation message and educational direction, we incorporate that philosophy into all the services we offer in order to promote environmental stewardship and enhance the lives of our animals and students. We hold a uniquely high standard in the care and well being of our animals and their involvement in performances and educational programs.





Animal Training 101 On-line Class



This live and streaming on demand webinar will be the first of a 3 part series on Animal Training 101. COMMUNICATION is the first installment of the series and will cover in-depth techniques associated with explaining to any animal how to do behavior.

Classes will be offered Fridays 4pm- 5:30pm PST (California time)each week for 6 weeks starting February 17th, 2017.

You may participate in the class LIVE as well as STREAM ON-DEMAND AT ANY TIME YOU CHOOSE after the class has occured for the duration of the 6 weeks time-frame.

Enrollment is $180 USD if you enroll before January 17th.

The course syllabus is outlined at the sight.



Animal Training 101 Book


We are excited to announce the release of Animal Training 101: The Complete and Practical Guide to the Art and Science of Behavior Modification by Dr. Jenifer Zeligs, director of Animal Training and Research International and professor at California State University Monterey Bay. Animal Training 101 is the most complete training reference available, compiled after years of research. We know you'll love it! In this first of its kind text, Dr. Zeligs outlines in detail the six basic operant training techniques to provide a flexible, complete, and pragmatic approach that will allow you to connect with any animal in a mutually satisfying way. It is a must-have for anyone interested in animal training in either domestic or professional settings. The retail price is $44.95 (+tax), available for order at –Enjoy!




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Animal Training 101 Book
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